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Who we are

ML Arts was founded in 2021 in San Francisco, CA as a software development company.  In 2022, We released our first game - Foxy Arena. Right after this, we released our next game - Rocketty. At the same time, we had 4 different games in development as well as several other (unrelated to gaming) ideas. 

Thus, we are going to bring a variety of software that should entertain, calm and relax people.


Founded by Anzhelika Dorokhina. ML Arts is headquartered in San Francisco, California


What we do

Our ultimate goal is to create games and software that will make people's life a little bit easier and happier.


With the current pace of life, people don't often have a lot of time to play video games, therefore, we see modern games as session-based experiences.

For instance, if we are developing a complex RPG, it should work for those gamers who have only 10-15 minutes to play.

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